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Living the Luna Life

Hello lovely ladies!


I’m honoured to feel and be a part of this online tribe of Vibrant lasses!


Women’s health and wellbeing has played a huge part in both my personal and professional life. Having spent far too much time being ruled by period pain I decided to draw a line, or rather a circle in the sand. Since that moment I made it my mission to figure out how to experience peaceful periods and happy menstrual cycles ongoing. This led to the creation of wellbeing and lifestyle brand - Living the Luna Life™ and training in the wonderful healing modalities of The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, Reproflexology®, Nutrition and Reiki. A fusion of all these elements allowed me to personally move on from period pain and to lead a life that aligned both the need to be and the need to do. The menstrual month allows us to experience both these states as well as the phases in between that helps us transition from menstruation to ovulation and round it goes. 


I am delighted to help support your own personal journey, illuminating the path ahead with seasonal offerings that reminds us of our cyclical nature and our connection to Mother Nature, Mother Earth and grand ol’ Mother Moon. 


You can find out more by joining me on any of the online platforms below or in person for personalised support at one of my clinics. 


I: @living_the_luna_life 

F: @daniellerickwoodwellbeing 

W: / 

Online Course -


Much Luna love to you  

Danielle x 

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