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A high frequency energy - And the home where your soul rests.

Most commonly Colourless, white or grey. Also rarer specimens in varying shades of  green.

Transparent or translucent.

Usually cubic or pyramidal shapes.


Clear and green Apophyllite are related to the Wind element - with Green Apophyllite also carrying the energy of the  Earth element.


The saving light in times of great pressure & stress, it can help us to overcome anxieties, worry and uncertainty.


Can be a complex and confronting stone as it promotes truth - which includes the ability to see ourselves and our situations clearly. As a result of this it can bring about the release of long held and suppressed emotions, but its ability to ground and soothe us will help with this necessary growth.


Encourages a calm attitude, tranquility & honesty. It helps us to be open, as we really are, without hiding things - it gets rid of pretence, reserve or bad conscience.


It can help us get rid of blocks and negative thought patterns 


In my opinion, of the absolute best crystals for use during meditation.

A powerful tool for “tuning in” to higher consciousness & realms, and linking the physical to the spiritual.


Said to be an excellent tool for increasing our inner vision and psychic ability

Keeping one or more Clear Apophyllites in our environment can provide an atmosphere of purity and spiritual presence in our home, meditation area or workspace.


The “peachy” coloured areas in these clusters are another crystal “Stilbite”

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