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Private Tuition

GOYM does home and workplace based Yoga, wellbeing and mindfulness sessions in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and London.  


Private or small group tuition can really help:

  • Wellness & team building in the workplace 

  • Relieve stress & anxiety by working on movement for the body & stillness in the mind 

  • Introduce people to yoga who might feel too anxious to try a general class 

  • Groups of friends who want to do yoga together and share the cost

  • Stay-at-home Mums or Dads

  • People whose physical limitations (bad back, knee issues, etc) would make it difficult for them to go to group class

  • People whose working hours make it hard to get to a regular class

  • People who want to work towards a specific goal that a group class wouldn’t facilitate


One of the biggest pluses of ordering your yoga in is that you get tools to support your own practice with techniques to help you through stressful and busy periods of time at work and home. We can provide a summary of the poses and techniques worked on or hints and tips to carry your practice forwards.

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