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Corporate Yoga

Bring Yoga, mindfulness and well being into your work place, it might be the most accessible way for your busy successful employees to get away from their desks to refresh and enjoy some "get on your mat" time.  


It not only builds great team dynamics but also makes people happier, healthier and promotes wellbeing. People feel more relaxed, confident & alert and therefore more productive. Yoga is the number one go to as a stress reliever and preventer.


Your healthiest take out yet! Just order in some yoga so your people don’t have to go anywhere, all we need is floor space! Yoga can easily be facilitated in a meeting room, GOYM brings all the equipment you just need to show up.


I offer an initial consult either online or to visit your offices and chat through what you want from the sessions. From there I plan a bespoke class or course of classes that suit your exact needs. 


It's so important to create a healthy culture within business's to take a break from your workload and weekly habit you won't want to break. Take the classes at a time that suits you - is a reviving energising lunchtime session better or maybe straight after work to relax and restore? 


If you are worried about committing to ongoing classes or just fancy treating your staff to some yoga, you could always try a one-off session. 


One-off sessions are also great additions to your conference activity schedule, or  away days as a fun team building activity.


GOYM Yoga clients have included Proctor & Gamble, Ella's Kitchen, Environmental Agency, Sage, Covance, Queen Anne's School, Gillots School, Bridgethorne Ltd and more!

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