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Free Videos

Daily Rituals - 35 minute mixed practice

Gentle Flow

A gentle flow perfect for any time of the day to ease your body and soothe your mind.

Go get on your mat and grab some "me time"

Suitable for all levels - enjoy x

Immune Boost Talk

Now more than ever it's so important to up our self care and boost our immune system.

This short talk guides you through some beneficial supplements and foods to enjoy to boost your immune system and general overall health - if you'd like to book a nutrition 121 or Kinesiology session to discuss your specific needs,  please get in touch via the contact page.

Rise and Shine Yoga Flow


Wakey wakey rise & shine gift yourself the best start to the day - on the mat!
Click image & enjoy the playlist made just for you.
Have the best day - Jo x

Breathwork 101

When I'm stressed, anxious, busy mind or overwhelmed breathwork always brings me back into my body. 

Enjoy this traditional pranayama practice - Anuloma Viloma - alternate nostril breathing. 

It's truly transformative - let me know how you get on with it - Jo x

Qi Gong with Steve

Have you ever tried Qi Gong - no...well what you waiting for! Meet Steve our very own ambassador for Qi Gong and Tai Chi he's dedicated 9years of study to become a qualified teacher in both practices and is passionate about sharing them. 

I love Qi Gong to me it's a moving meditation and gives my busy mind something to do.

Hope you enjoy x

The Tibetan Rites

I absolutely love The Tibetan Rites. This series of exercises known as the foundation of youth was used by Tibetan Monks to live long lives with vibrant energy and radiant health. 

It's something different to try and is perfect for a short morning practice to get the juices flowing in mind, body and spirit - enjoy X

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