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Get ready to Rock ‘n’ Roll…

4 x 10ml amber glass vials of loveliness to support you through a menstrual month or a lunar month. Anoint yourself with whichever blend aligns with where you are at in your cycle. A daily little ritual personal to you that can easily sit alongside other daily ‘do’s’ like the brushing of the teeth, the morning meditation and the sun salutations, the ordering of the coffee… the things we do cos it feels good to do them. A quick, simple way to stay connected to the changing needs of your cycle or the moon’s cycle. They are great little travel companions. Pop a bottle in your purse, makeup bag for an easy on the go reminder of which inner season of your menstrual cycle you’re pedalling your lovely self through. 

What makes this product unique.

  • Each blend holds the essence and intention of the phase of the cycle you find yourself in.

  • Ethically sourced.

  • Created, hand blended and made with love in England.

  • Earth Positive. All packaging and ‘cushioning’ is made from 100% recyclable materials.

  • Moon Kissed. Sun Blessed.

  • Vegan & Cruelty Free.

  • 100% Natural Origin, Naturally Farmed using Organic Farming Methods. For a full list of essential oils used in each blend look under ‘Description’ below.

  • Each icon that appears on each blends label corresponds with the icons that are used in the Monthly Planner for easy aligning with where you are at in your menstrual month.

  • FREE Cyclical Guide with every purchase – Yey! (check for the link at the bottom of your order emailed on purchase)

  • Percentage of sales from every online purchase from the Living the Luna Life™ range goes to helping projects and causes that play a positive role in supporting the environment and ending period poverty. ♧



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