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Crystal of the month

I'm so grateful and excited to have Vibrant Living Ambassador Pnutt join us, as our very own Crystal Goddess, what she doesn't know about crystals isn't worth knowing. Pnutt has revived and enhanced my love for and use of crystals thousand fold and the benefits have been incredible. Between us we've been sharing the best crystals to go with each of our weekly classes which is just PURE JOY!!!

So without further ado, meet Pnutt! 

Hi Everyone,

I’m an Earth sign, I always enjoyed digging around in the dirt as a child, making mud pies & all that. Finding pebbles on the beach with tiny crystal caves in them, or fossils! I guess stones have always been my thing.

Seeing the Pharoah Tutankhamun’s exhibition in London when I was I child sparked my interest in Egyptology.............and Crystals. I can remember the vivid blue of Turquoise, the deep blue with golden flecks of Lapis Lazuli & bright orange of Carnelian inlaid in to his death mask. I knew the names of these crystals at age 8, along with Tigers Eye. They sparked joy in my heart & a small collection started then.

My journey to a more natural, holistic & spiritual outlook on life began around 6 years ago after attending a Day Retreat to the Brahma Kumaris Global Retreat Centre at Nuneham Courteney, Oxon

I enjoy being on the beach,  in the woods, by a river or in my garden. The sounds of nature entrance me.

I believe that things provided by Mother Nature can benefit us physically AND mentally - and that includes using  crystals as a holistic support tool.

Hope you can join me on a crystal journey 😊

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