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Welcome to the GOYM Energise Programme. The kinder, more effective way of energising your mind, body and soul and leaving you feeling GREAT from the inside out including a body cleanse (that’s actually enjoyable!) and unlimited yoga for 10 weeks, plus a dedicated 1-2-1 wellbeing consultation and 2 hour wellness workshop.

All of this for only £222!


Kick off your Energise programme with a 1 hour consultation with me, Jo Hanks via Zoom.

A kind yet powerful and nourishing 10-day cleanse - none of this horrid starving yourself for weeks stuff!

2 hours of whole body goodness, nourishing mind, body and soul on the mat with me via Zoom.

How does Unlimited Yoga for 10 weeks sound? You'll have access to live and pre-recorded yoga classes for all abilities and be part of a truly supportive community.

Why is the Energise Programme different?

There are so many ‘fad’ diets and harsh cleanses on the market that make you feel frankly miserable. You lose some weight because you’ve deprived your body of food, water and essential nutrients. I wanted to create a kick starter programme that truly nourishes you from the inside out – from what you put in your body to your gut health to your movement on the mat. I hope you will love this programme as much as I do and be left feeling your most vibrant self in 2021.

Gentle Cleanse in more detail:

The perfect way to invigorate your immune system, restore gut health and remove toxins is to cleanse to give your body a break and hit the reset button not just physcially but also mentally & emotionally too. Ideally, we undertake a cleanse twice a year, just as your car needs the correct fuel, water and oil to drive at optimum levels and not break down, it also needs an MOT and service each year too and this is exactly the same for our bodies! There are five natural herbal combinations to support and cleanse the digestive system, kidneys & liver, all of which work hard 24/7 365 days a year cleansing our bodies and helping us get the most nutrition from our food. The cleanse also gives you a daily dose of Chlorophyll for blood boosting and detoxification via antioxidants. This will refresh alongside proper rehydration, to flush out toxins & aid digestion, we will then replenish your gut with beneficial flora and restore your energy to vibrant levels.

Wellbeing consultation in more detail:

We’ll discuss your goals, chat over ways to boost your mind, body and soul, set some intentions & nutritional goals and get you set up to feel your most vibrant self in 2021. You will also have access to the Energise Community Whatsapp Group, joining like minded people to share not only your journey with, but to inspire, share top tips and recipes too! 

Jo will be with you all the way to support you and answer any questions you have, you certainly won't be alone on this cleanse. 

Wellbeing workshop in more detail:

These workshops are designed to uplift you, deepen your practice and inspire curiosity into some key ideas behind our physical yoga practice alongside living an even more vibrant life with radiant health. We’ll cover pranayama – breathwork, asana – physical practice, guided deep relaxation techniques and meditation. All abilities are always welcome variations will be given for beginners and experienced alike.

Unlimited Yoga in more detail:

The best way to make real change and create real differences is to stick with something for more than a week or so, which is why Energise includes unlimited access to live and pre-recorded yoga classes for all abilities for a 10 week period. You can enjoy 8 live classes and as many sessions as you can squeeze in from our GOYM online yoga library.

Want to find out more or sign up? Click the button below!

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