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Want to find out why movement, relaxation
hydration & plant medicine
are such powerful tools for women? 

I'm truly excited to be joined by not one but TWO fabulous special guests for.... 

"Movement & Mothercuppa for Menopause"

We will focus on how the ancient practices of Yoga & Qi Gong and how they benefit women throughout life and particularly on the menopause journey and the healing properties of adaptogenic herbs in beautiful tea blends can calm, soothe and rebalance our body's through hydration.


Where: The Henley Yoga Studio

When: TBC

Time: 14:00 - 17:00

Investment: £50 - this includes tea tasting & delicious home made cake

Places: Only 12 places are available for this experience so don't miss out!

How to book: Join the wait list for this event by hitting - book now


Meet your guides

I will be guiding a restorative & nurturing Yoga Practice with guided relaxation that's suitable for all abilities. We will combine these nourishing movement practice to share how it can help us stay grounded, calm through soothing the nervous system and why this is so important for women and the menopause journey.

 Scroll down to meet the special guests!

I'm over the moon to be welcoming two special guests, first up is the fabulous Candice aka Mothercuppa tea!


Not only is she bringing her amazing tea (yes there will be homemade cake!) specifically blended to help with menopausal symptoms and will also share her menopausal journey so far and what led her to create this fabulous brand. I can't wait for you to meet her!

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Meet Steve (my partner), Tai Chi & Qi Gong expert and brilliant Yoga Teacher from The Henley Yoga Studio, will be sharing a wonderfully soothing Qi Gong practice as a moving meditation. 


Steve said at the start of my journey toward menopause, "If you don't know what's going on with your body or how you feel, how can I help you". He's been a fantastic support, wanting to learn with me. It's so important to share how we are feeling & what we're experiencing so we can receive all the help & support we need.

Steve will also be baking his signature GF, DF Cherry & Almond cake for us to have with Candice's tea - YUM!

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Who will benefit from attending? Everyone!

This mini retreat is aimed, through movement practices, at supporting women, those  who are on their menopause journey will particularly benefit with help in navigating this stage of life more consciously by tuning into their mental and physical wellbeing needs, alongside understanding what is happening within the body. Men are absolutely welcome to gain great insights, sharings & first hand experience from Women.


There's currently so much information & misinformation in the media and social media that refers to the symptomatic health challenges that can be associated with women's health in general & going through the transition towards menopause. With lots of advice on what you should and shouldn't be doing, it can be confusing with conflicting, especially when you're at a stage of life when you're questioning everything in your life already!


I believe the most empowering way to navigate the womens & menopausal journey is to re-connect with yourself and travel inward, to understand what you need to move through this stage of life with more ease. We hold the answers within and through quietening the mind using the ancient practices we will share on the day we can access that inner wisdom and what the next step is to take to get back into balance.  

This afternoon retreat is about taking time for yourself to tune into and listen to what your needs are and to find ways to get them met. We will show you how to have a more conscious menopause, where you can explore tools that will support you in your daily life.

We've many ways that we can support you long after the workshop is over, plus there's more workshops planned for future dates with other special guests who are experts in their field that can't wait to share their wisdom with you all:

Caroline Riddall - Female Fitness & Health Coach 

Sally Beaton aka Women with Sparkle - Women's Health Coach & nutritionist

Jen Roach aka Fearless in the Kitchen meals & food for menopause

Pnutt aka Trust The Goddess working with archetypes & crystals for menopause 


Only 12 places are available for this experience! For an investment of just £50, if you're interested don't delay book your place and please do share this with anyone who you think might be interested to join us.


I cannot wait to welcome you to this very special event - get in touch to join the wait list and be the first to know when bookings open

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