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Aka - Lodolite, Lodalite, Lodelite, Garden Quartz, Shaman Quartz, Scenic Quartz, Landscape Quartz. Dream Quartz

Each Shamanic Dream Quartz looks different!
They are a particular type of Clear Quartz that contains inclusions which can appear as wisps, growths or layers lying within the Quartz.

The most widely seen colours are GREEN inclusions which are usually Chlorite and REDDISH inclusions contain iron.
Some may contain whisks of Citrine or Smokey Quartz.

Some have RUTILES (gold/copper/silver metallic looking strands) are much rarer. The Rutiles are sometimes “Angel Hair”
The range of colours in Shamanic Dream Quartz can be green, brown,  red, orange, white, pink or purple.
These inclusions of different minerals bring unique properties to each stone.

Gives a quiet and gentle strength to help us overcome personal challenges.

Good for polarity and balancing as well as introspection.

Bring chaotic frequencies to order.

Attracts vibrant energies & help to cleanse our inner soul & spirit.

Warm, inspiring & loving energies encourage us to take the risks needed to get closer to achieving our dream.

Calm & powerful strength to help us conquer challenges.

May aid emotional healing through release of past life trauma or upsetting childhood memories.

They have a gentle & soft energy and are commonly used as a meditation tool - helping spiritual growth, and also offers protection whilst exploring the shadow areas of our minds.
A window to another world, representing a land or seascape through which we can imagine ourselves journeying to find peace, tranquility, serenity, deep reflection and spiritual insights.
Slowly, staring in to the crystal becomes mesmerising and with practice and confidence you may be able to allow your vision to “slip” - revealing, to the sub-conscious mind, areas or issues in our life where attention may need to be focussed.

You can see an obsession with this crystal is easy to cultivate, as each individual stone has its own colourful character.

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