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Does your heart feel heavy? 

Mine too. Whilst there are horrors happening throughout the world it's even more important to keep your self care game strong. Don't turn away from the images, reports and updates and act where you can donate, share, raise funds in your own ways, write to your MP. Then, turn it all off and top yourself up again, as its draining & depleting in many ways, our motivation & resolve lowers with feelings of what's the point and is there any hope? Our digestion & immune system take a hit as any form of stress particularly fear based depletes us massively. Don't know how to top up...I got you 


Here's my go to top up top tips :

  1. Shake - this resets your nervous system if you've not done it before just go for it feet shoulder width apart and SHAKE IT OUT!

  2. Move - walk, run, yoga, weights, pilates, dance in the kitchen, whatever it is just move

  3. Get outside - dive into nature walk amongst trees, look up, soak up all the sights, sounds & scents. You will head home feeling like a different person I promise.

  4. Breathe inhale for 4 counts, retain for 4 counts, exhale for 4 counts, hold the breath out for 4 counts - repeat for at least 3-5minutes to start to feel your body relaxing.

I hope these top tips help and would love to hear your top tips too!

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