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Guided meditation for positive energy

I meditated this morning, a beautiful

Whilst carving out precious me time, following the rhythm of my breath and allowing Deepak’s wisdom to wash over me I thought I’d share my my take aways incase they resonate with you.

Holding on is suffocation

Letting go is freedom

I’ve been feeling low the past couple of days, despondent and doubtful of my abilities. One of those times when you question what you’re doing….am I good enough.

I’m tired and have a radical self care break starting next Tuesday & am looking forward to recharging & restoring my vital & vibrant energy.

Allowing all my stories to come & go helps bring me back to me, my pure consciousness the blank canvas that life experiences are painted on top of, yet underneath knowing the blank canvas still remains. From this place we are always enough.

Have a gentle day ahead.

* I found the meditation on you tube just pop Deepak Chopra into the search

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